About IT Mídia

Connect, inform and generate businesses

That’s what IT Mídia offers professionals and companies from the IT industry, through our forums, supported by a digital community, magazines, studies and a number of in-person meetings.

Reference and relevance

For 18 years, we’ve been a leading company and a reference in the market of business media and a link between the industry of IT products & services and executives who make strategic decisions in IT from the largest Brazilian companies.

From Bits and Bytes to Strategy and Business

We were the first to supply content allowing to use technology as a strategic business tool inside companies, particularly in the 1,000 largest companies in Brazil.

Turn of the century: consolidation of internet, e-commerce, VoIP technology and social media. Data center managers had to forget about bits and bytes and start considering the company’s demand as a whole, assuming a strategic role, with a huge revolution in their careers. That’s when IT Mídia appeared, with products to support this new executive, the CIO (Chief Information Officer).

Our greatest legacy

Leader and pioneer in business media in the country, we’ve always been specialized in generating visibility and strengthening the brands of our customers (IT industry and providers of IT products and services), in different media vehicles, such as magazines, portals and in-person meetings.

Skip stages and be face to face with decision makers

Around 40% of the time of sales teams is dedicated to the prospecting phase. Our products skip this stage and speed up the pipeline of our customers, connecting them to your target, in a structured manner.

Information, collaboration and development

Operating in a B2B market implies generating content and business for the development and growth of the market itself, ensuring content neutrality.
Our Content team is responsible for providing news content, showing recent facts from the IT market and proprietary content generated with the collaboration and IT Mídia studies with its partners.

Content, Relationship and Business. It’s that simple.

Our foruns

Balanced mix of Content, Relationship and Business

Our forums have programs based on our value proposition: Content, Relationship and Business. Not only forums, but all our other meetings (cases, debates, awards), generate visibility to customers, connecting them to guest CIOs in a structured manner.

Digital Community

Content, relationship and business 365 days a year.

Besides a public portal with the market news, trends and operations, the IT Forum 365 offers the IT community a B2B social platform to promote interaction, collaboration, visibility and business between professionals and companies, through news and exclusive content, surveys, videos and studies.

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  • IT Mídia, as the first company to adopt this one-to-one meeting for IT executives in Brazil, has been firm in its purpose to produce an event of high quality, relevant content and anticipating global trends. No wonder the IT Forum has become a reference in the market and won the preference of CIOs.

    Carlos Cunha
    Carlos Cunha
    President, EMC²